shrik3's lua based nvim config.
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This config uses both packer and plugged. The later is used for plugins that don't work well with packer.

Note that some plugins may require manual setup.

what is

schnitzel.nvim is my personal IDE-like neovim configuration. preview

how to set up


  • make sure you have the newest neovim
  • make sure you have Packer and Plug installed

Remove wakatime if you don't use it
I personally use wakaTime as a activity logger. If you don't use it, remove its config:

in lua/plugins.lua

-- wakatime for statistics, need to initialize token for fresh install
use 'wakatime/vim-wakatime'

Backup your old nvim configs
e.g. ~/.config/nvim

Download Schnitzel.nvim clone this repo and dump everything into your config dir. e.g.

git clone ~/.config/nvim

Launch neovim:
there will be tons of errors, don't worry, just ignore them, ignore them, ignore them.

Initialize all plugins

  • install Plug plugins :PlugInstall
  • install Packer plugins: :PackerSync and ':PackerCompile'
  • restart neovim

Don't expect things to work out-of-the-box
Some plugins may need manual install, if you encounter errors, follow the info, locate the error prone plugin, and check their instructions.

how to customize

First take a look at how the configs are organized in the following section.

To install a plugin

  • (recommended) name your plugin in lua/plugins.lua and if necessary, put its config in lua/plugin_config/, then include the config in lua/plugins.lua. After making changes, restart nvim, call :PackerSync and PackerCompile.
  • (legacy), using Plug, name your plugin in legacy/plugins.vim and its config in legacy/plugin_config/. Restart neovim and call PlugInstall

To add/delege/modify configs
check the following structure to find the best place for your config


├── init.vim             -- vim script configs
├── lua                  -- where lua script lives
│   ├── init.lua             -- Lua config base
│   ├── plugin_config        -- Dir for plugin configs
│   ├── plugins.lua          -- Packer managed plugins
│   └── scripts.lua          -- utility scripts
├── legacy               -- where vim script lives
│   ├── plugin_config        -- vimscript plugin configs (Plug)
│   ├── plugins.vim          -- Plug managed plugins
│   └── scripts.vim          -- MISC. Legacy vimscript utils
├── ginit.vim            -- additional configs for gui (e.g. nvim-qt)
├── neovide.vim          -- Additional configs for neovide
├── plugin               -- Packer generated files, don't touch
├── color                  -- custom themes
└── syntax                 -- Custom syntax highlightings

why 2 set of configs / plugins / managers

bear with me,

  • there are some old school plugins that are written in vimscript, and some of them doesn't work with Packer.
  • lua script is tricky to use for some certain vim configs/ functionalities


A handy cheatsheet of key mappings.

  __     _____ _    _ _____  _____ _  ______     __
  ||    / ____| |  | |  __ \|_   _| |/ /___ \    ||
  ||   | (___ | |__| | |__) | | | | ' /  __) |   ||
__||__  \___ \|  __  |  _  /  | | |  <  |__ <  __||__
--..--  ____) | |  | | | \ \ _| |_| . \ ___) | --..--
  ||   |_____/|_|  |_|_|  \_\_____|_|\_\____/    ||
                USE VIM OR DIE !

|------------ Programming. LSPs.. ---------------------|

K               Hover
gd              Definition (peek)
		  edit = '<C-c>o',
		  vsplit = '<C-c>v',
		  split = '<C-c>i',
		  tabe = '<C-c>t',
		  quit = 'q',	
gD              Declarations
gi              Implementation
go              type def
gr              references
gl              diag. float (under cursor or line)
gL              diag. current buffer
[d , ]d         diag. prev. / next.
C-K             help (manual)
K		Hover Doc..
<leader>o	outline

<F2>            Rename

<F4>            Code Action

|------------ Something Fresh. Marks. -----------------|
<leader>m	List all marks
:Marks*		Other available commands
mx              Set mark x
dm<space>       Delete all marks in the current buffer
m,              Set the next available 
		alphabetical (lowercase) mark
m;              Toggle the next available mark at the current line
dmx             Delete mark x
dm-             Delete all marks on the current line
m]              Move to next mark
m[              Move to previous mark
m:              Preview mark. This will prompt you for a specific mark to
	    	preview; press <cr> to preview the next mark.
m[0-9]          Add a bookmark from bookmark group[0-9].
dm[0-9]         Delete all bookmarks from bookmark group[0-9].
m}              Move to the next bookmark having the same type 
		as the bookmark under the cursor. Works across buffers.
m{              Move to the previous bookmark having the same type as 
		the bookmark under the cursor. Works across buffers.
dm=             Delete the bookmark under the cursor.

|------------ Programming.. ---------------------------|

<F3>            :ClangFormat (Plugin)
<leader>c       kToggle Comment (plugin)
<leader>f       Fuzzy Finder (ACK)

# RUST (rust-tools)
<leader>h       hover_actions
<leader>a       code action group

|------------ Trivias.. -------------------------------|

# F Keys
<F2>            Lsp. Rename
<F3>            Clang Format
<F4>            Lsp. Code Action
<F6>,<C-t>      Split Terminal [plugin]
<F7>            In-buffer Terminal [builtin]
<F8>            Tagbar (show symbols etc) [Plugin]
<F9>            Neotree [plugin]
<F10>           Neotree show buffers

ZQ              quit
:x              = :w
:earlier 5m     go back to 5 minutes ago
                (reverse the file and jump cursor location)

|------------ Misc..... -------------------------------|

:!boxes -d [d]  call boxes, (used with selection, d for
        design, e.g. cat)

|------------ Edit.. ----------------------------------|

>               add indent for multiple lines
>>              add indent for current line
<               remove indent ..
u               undo
<C-R>           redo
vap             select around the paragraph
vi(             etc..
.               repeat last command

D or d$         delete till end of line
C or c$         change till end of line
c               switch to insert mode after d
gg=G            fix indent  (vim built-in)
daw / diw       a for around and i for inside, or dip/dap etc.
di(             to delete in (), di[, di{, di" etc.

<leader>ss      spell check [custom mapping/ plugins]
z=              show possible words
:set tw=[n]     set textwidth

|------------ Nav. Matching.. -------------------------|

e               end of word
$               end of line
^               beginning of line
w               for word
p               for para
%               match parenthesis

|------------ NAV. ------------------------------------|

{ / }           pre. / next paragraph
zz              put current line to center
zt              put current line to top
C-e, C-y        scroll up/down by line
C-u, C-d        scroll up/down by page
<C-g>           show current location (in percentage)
gg / G ,        go to top / Bottom
25%             go to 25 percent of file

|------------ Workspaces. -----------------------------|

<F9>            :NERDTreeToggle (neotree)
:sp :vsp        split
:res [n]        resize
<C-W> c         close split
<C-W> h/j/k/l   nav. splits
<C-h><C-j>      same [custom mappings]

:vert/hor res +-[n]

|------------ Buffers. --------------------------------|

<leader>bb      show list of buffers  (mapped to neotree)
:ls             showbuffer
:b[n]           switch to buffer [n]
<A-TAB>         :bn    [custom mapping]

|------------ Search / Replace.------------------------|

/ and ?         search forward and backward
R               replace mode
r[x]            replace all characters in selection with x

:s/old/new/g    Replace in line
:%s/old/new/g   Replace all in file
:%s/old/new/gc  Replace all in file, confirm for each

:sort           sort selected lines (by first letter)